About the Founder

Govvinda Mali

A distinguished interior designer who began his journey in this creative field, Govvinda Mali has carved a name for himself as a designing maestro. He is the driving force behind Eppitome Group and brings with him 10+ years of rich experience in designing residential and commercial projects.He has an eye for detail and a flair for taking up unconventional design concepts, both of which reflect in his every project. His concentrated efforts and extensive research translate into beautifully done spaces that imbibe quality, comfort, and functionality.

1Sq. Ft.
Area Designed
Budget Handled
Our Capabilities

Our Team

Our dynamic team is composed of enthusiastic and budding interior designers who are backed by experts. Boasting of excellent credentials and qualities like integrity, our team executes each project with ingenuity and dedication.

Radhika Patil
Team Leader
    Pooja Pokale
    Pooja Pokale
    Admin Executive
      Akash Dhagdhage
      Site Supervisor
        Ameya Hardikar
        Account Manager
          Amit Khadge
          Billing Executive
            Sachi Vaswani

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