Creative Director
Govvinda Mali

A Customized Commercial Plan

A commercial project in Chakan, we had to prepare a design plan for the office interior in such a way that it would be the perfect example of an organized space with a high level of accessibility. While preparing the presentation, we kept into mind the fact that boundaries of an office call for an ambience which fuels productivity to your workforce throughout the day. The concept of designing that we put forward through the presentation was to enhance the ambience by using branding colours as accent colours and giving the area a modern formal look. Also, we kept in mind the brief to have a simple and neutral colour palette. As a part of our plan was to use a beautiful laminated panel with branding logo on it at the reception counter. We also made sure that the plan was designed in such a way that the cabins and conference rooms have a spacious area for movements. According to the presentation given to the client by our team, the workstations are modular and white in colour while glass etching is done on all glass door for a quirky look.

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