September 14, 2018
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The holidays are over, winters are here and its sure its a nice to add a dose of cheer to your home. Its a season to add a bit of romantic & cozy touch to your home. As an Apartment Therapy, there is no need for you to have frosty feet. Its time for all the thick rugs, sweater inspired linens, blankets & pillows to take up space to transform them into warm spaces in homes. To add a modern touch you can light up the table lamps, they wouldn’t only set the ambiance right, but will also make the room warm. Redecorating the soft furnishings will probably feel confident you’re doing something right.

Home is a place, one should be at a place of rest ‘n’ comfort and not a vision of frustration. Let comfort come before design and have a scheme with lovely crisp fresh looking set which can be warm, rich and bold tones. By doing this you’re not only adding some style to your home, also making it look extremely glamorous. Curtains closed will make your home look dull, and who doesn’t love a house which is cheery. So let the sun flow in during the day and sunlight penetrate making your home look larger. Regularly vacuuming your house keeps it dust free, clean, fresh and a clutter free house has hygiene benefits and helps with the prevention of dust mites.

Keeping it classic, it’s easy to decorate for winter – the key is to use natural elements, touches of greenery, a bit of shine, and the soothing tint of snow white. The best winter centerpieces are filled with a variety of natural elements, not just flowers. Globe lights above centerpiece or dining area will give you a sense of comfort, especially when it compliments the winter outside. A Brighter color rug will undeniably upbeat the positivity with colors like yellow & orange. Shades of blue will be peaceful and calming. In an closed atmosphere houseplants add many benefits and reduce anxiety and levels the mood. Houseplants also help in managing stress levels by adding a beautiful scenery and keeping oxygen levels up which varies a lot in cold breeze.

For children’s room stick to whites as its gender neutral color and gives an added advantage to pay attention on playful activities. Maintaining balance is essential hence you can also make use of wallpapers with contrasting prints/designs. Give preference on using organic fabrics in children’s room as it can easily be adapted by the child and helps show their maturity in their own cuteness. Fun colored pillows are always an added advantage. Simple and vibrant accessories create an artistic addition as they are eye catching, stylish and welcoming. Its good to go modern in children’s room as it also reflects child’s personality. Mid-century mixed well with vintage style along with modern gadgets is a perfect idea of gorgeous room. Adding a world map on the wall will interest children and possibly help their adventurous instincts.

This is one season where smart home devices can be tested at its optimum levels. Plastering of walls, which type of glass is fitted in window also adds to the energy that is consumed in the house. Single glazed windows restricts radiations to escape which makes it difficult for room to be warm hence opening windows during day is important for radiant energy to go out. The best way to prevent this heat loss is to close your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk.

Not annoying, but by knowing, this winters lets create a magical and cozy ambiance ready to welcome family and friends with warmth !

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